Palm Reading

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Palmistry is a practice of reading about someone personality and the person mainly consists of his/her strengths/weakness, past, present and future with the help of the hand lines. Palmistry helps in understanding the character of a person and can predict its fortune. Through lines we can guess the time tenure where the things will be best positive in our life and also we can guess the issues that will come in our life in the angle of luck, health and money.

You can discover the following by the lines of your hands:

  • Your personality analysis, strength, weakness, traits and virtues.
  • Your health, sickness, nature duration and period of sickness.
  • Your profession, work, money, prosperity, luck, travel etc.
  • Past life, events, happenings & mistakes
  • Present life and current circumstances
  • Future life, opportunities, threats and precautions

How is it done?

Palmist reads the lines on client hand, there are different types of lines like heart line, luck line, brain line. Also there are some other hidden signs on hands ,when we combine the marks ,signs and lines with the help of palmistry and client personal details then we get a picture related to client personality ,past ,present and future events ,time tenure of upcoming things. All these reading combine to form a person complete lines information. The fingers, fingerprints, fingertips, skin pattern shape of palm are also read in palm reading.