Online Palm Reading Service

Online Counseling
Cell # : 0300 9422260 (6 pm – 9 pm Daily)
Please send us your hand prints at our whats app number ( 0300 9422260) before call.

With the passage of time and technology revolution we are now able to offer you a personal and comprehensive reading online.
All you need to do is send photos of your hands, face, DOB and he will conduct a thorough, detailed and personal reading by video conference,using Skype & Whats App.

It will be a 30 minutes live session and you may ask questions and get answers in real time.Palmist will read your palm in detail, in the light of Palmistry, Face Reading & Spiritual Knowledge to identify the meanings and the hidden translation of your hand lines.

Method of Taking hand Images

You need a good camera that can take HD images,take images of your both hands in different angles from front view and from thumb right view and from small finger side view. Image should be very clear quality, and the lines must be readable.