Our Services

Online Counseling
Cell # : 0300 9422260 (6 pm – 9 pm Daily)
Please send us your details at our whats app number ( 0300 9422260) before call.

Hand Lines Reading

With the help of palmistry we read the lines and translate them. Palmistry helps in understanding the character of a person and can predict its fortune.

Face Reading

Just like palm reading, face reading also can determine the person’s fate. Face Readings are a useful tool for palmist to understand the character of a person.

Spiritual Advice (Iftekhara)

If you are not clear about the nature of your problems then you can call us to get a spiritual advice.

Marriage & Suitable Match

Before marriage, consult us for getting a good idea of mental and spiritual attachment.


Through palmistry we can predict about travelling time tenure.

Magic & Bad Eye

During a live call, we can easily judge, either you are a victim of black magic or bad eye and will guide you how to easily cure from them.

Financial & Business/Job Related Problems

We can guide you through your palm lines about your luck and also you can make good decisions related to financial and business decisions.

Husband Wife Misunderstandings leading to Adverse Consequences.

This service are for those couples which are facing serious problems in your marriage relationship