Learn Palmistry

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In this section, we trained student about palmistry and other mystic knowledge.If you are learning palmistry for degree, diploma or certificate you have come to wrong place.
The skills itself is a Unique and precious Knowledge that will open a door of thousand opportunities for you .

Eligibility to be a palmist

For beginners as well as people who know a bit of Palmistry.

Going straight to practical training.

Explanation how to give a reading.

Taking into account basic principles of palmistry and applying in our reading.

Real life sample in field of education, art, music, business, politics, professional, doctor, lawyer, etc.

Students of Palmistry will get personalized attention as it’s an individual class.

There is no study material I will provide in palmistry as its all practical sample / examples based than 50 real life examples.

Each hand will be given 10 to 15 minutes.

The certificates do not have any value if you do not learn palmistry.

If you know palmistry there is no need of a degree, diploma and certificate.