Thinking process and emotions, hereditary characteristics, position of stars at the time of birth, cosmic rays , past decisions, future dependence on present, food, environment, relations, seasonal changes, training and above all nature's biological clock which is the record of your past, present and future are the factors which affect human brain and body and get imprinted on your hand. An expert can read between the lines to tell you the positive potentials and weaknesses you possess. You can change your fate by knowing all about you.


Know about your Character and personality, knowledge and education, profession and career, wealth and finance, love and affairs, marriage and children, health and diseases and international traveling etc.


Do not repeat your past mistakes, achieve the full potential of your present circumstances and be ready to hunt for your future opportunities.


I have spent 30 years in studying and exploring Palmistry, Astrology, Geomancy, Numerology, Jaffar and Spiritual healing techniques and out of this cumulative knowledge have helped people to explore their best by utilizing the occult scientific knowledge.


It is possible to change anything in the hands including their shape. It is much easier to change the lines and the marks than it is to change the types and the thumb. Changes are brought about over periods of times through environment, influences in the life, intellectual and spiritual development and most important of all the mental attitude of the individual. One must first have the desire to change in order to bring it about.


Through the analysis of the hands, it can be determined what changes are necessary and would be beneficial in order to improve the character and disposition and thus make for a complete and more successful way of life. A person must recognize a weakness in order, by effort, to overcome it.


Illustrations 1 & 2 show the changes which took place in the formation of the hands of this subject in one year and eight months. Print 1 shows the third world of the entire hand to be the strongest and in primary place.

In print 2, twenty months later, after intensive study on the part of the subject, the fingers are longer and held in a more open and alert manner. the longer fingers give him more mental capacity and interest in mental subjects indicating that this subject has become more of a student and has gained in ability for details. The practical world is also better developed showing he has increased his ability to cope with situations in a more practical and balanced manner.


The types in print 2 are much better balanced giving him better understanding of humanity and making him more even tempered and tolerant. The longer fingers show he has become more patient and less impulsive. He has also developed self control which was lacking in print 1. He has more diplomacy and tact as shown by the development of the Mercurian type and the more waist, like second phalanx of the thumb.

The lines in his hands have not changed to any great degree other than to have become deeper and clearer, indicating a more even temper and better balance. The deeper lines also give him greater physical resistance and better health.